The software Interactive Analyzer is being developed by a team of experienced practicioners - consultants and software engineers with profound professional experience who use the software every day in projects on 'real' application scenarios from different companies and industries. The software is entended to attain the following goal:

Identify mission critical interrelations and rules in your company's data quickly and reliably, visualize them and transform them into management-relevant knowledge.

We know that a powerful software tool is only one important building block among others for attaining that goal. Therefore, we pursue an integrated solution approach:

Business Process   +  Software  +  Integration

That means, the Interactive Analyzer team and its technology and consulting partners understand themselves rather as solution vendors than as software vendors. Using the Interactive Analyzer toolbox, we implement taylored and customer specific IT solutions in the areas of corporate planning, controlling, quality assurance, reporting, and process optimization.

Interactive Analyzer is also sold under the brand Synop Analyzer by the company Synop Systems (

Interactive Analyzer covers several functional areas which were distributed over several software packages from domains of data warehousing, BI, reporting, data visualization, data mining and drill down (OLAP):

  • Intuitive and interactive multivariate data exploration ('drill down')
  • Data mining: rule detection, clustering, classification, prediction, and early detection of upcoming problems and errors
  • Time series analysis: trend detection, season detection and forecasts
  • Visualization: of highly complex data
  • Data quality assurance