Below we give a (non comprehensive) list of projects and use cases in which Interactive Analyzer has been applied:

Optimization of production and supply chain processes

  • Goals: Optimizing technical processes (reducing cost or default rates, increase process stability and quality)
  • Industries: production (discrete produktion, automotive industrie, chemical industry)

Optimization of after-sales processes, customer retention

  • Goals: increase customer loyalty towards brands and dealers; early detect churn risks and take appropriate measures; increase revenues by optimized marketing mix and customer-specific upselling strategies.
  • Industries: automotive industrie, telecoms, banks and insurances

Root cause analysis of errors and failures, reducing warranty cost and warranty risk

  • Goals: the hidden root causes of misfunctions in complex technical products are the more difficult to detect the more hardware, software and firmware components of many different suppliers are built into the product. Here, Interactive Analyzer's highly performant statistical approach for detecting causal relations can be a very effective complement to traditional analysis approaches.
  • Industries: Automotive industry

Error detection and fraud detection in the internal and external financial reporting

  • Goals: Early warning systems and correction hints for unplausible transactions and accounting positions
  • Industries: multinational enterprise with many affiliates

Turnaround consulting, improvement of controlling and reporting processes in SME

  • Goals: Detection of business-relevant figures and KPIs; detection and visualization of trends; forecasts for important business figures; cash management
  • Industries: small and medium enterprises

Start-up consulting

  • Goals: Create realistic business plans, implement flexible planning and reporting systems
  • Industries: Start-ups, in particular in the areas of media and high tech