The data analysis workbench Interactive Analyzer comprises the following analysis modules:

  • Value distributions, statistics and data visualization
  • Bivariate data exploration
  • Interactive multivariate data exploration (ad-hoc drill-down)
  • Correlations analysis
  • Hypothesis testing, split analysis with automatized sampling of representative control groups
  • Time series analysis (trend detection, season detection) and forecast
  • Line and point plots
  • Neural clustering (SOM method)
  • Neural classification and prediction (SOM method)
  • Scenario analysis (what-if analysis) based on the SOM method
  • Assoziations analysis
  • Deviation detection and data inconsistency detection
  • Sequential patterns analysis
  • Linear regression
  • Decision trees
  • Naive Bayes classification

It can create the following output data formats:

  • Flat files (CSV, <TAB> separated, ...)
  • Database tables within arbitrary JDBC-enabled database management systems
  • MS-Access databases (.mdb)
  • Spreadsheets (MS-Excel, Openoffice)
  • XML files
  • JSON files

A 2-page product flyer on the Interactive Analyzer Workbench can be found here: